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EMO EV charging solutions

Electric Mobility Operators

We cooperate with several eMobility operators and service providers by supplying EV chargers with smart supporting services. This ensures low OPEX and enables commercial charging and roaming to a wide variety of back-end systems.

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Fleet EV charging solutions


Fleets are going electric due to a combination of lower per kilometre costs, incentives, and demand from employees and customers. We help fleet operators by providing a combination of reliable, modular hardware, advanced connectivity options, and cloud-based management software.


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Municipalities EV charging solutions


We help urban planners and transport and infrastructure directors build EV charging solutions that meet sustainability targets and local needs. We have an open approach to partnership and often work with consultants, specialists and charging point network operators.



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Car Park EV charging solutions

Car parks

Our deep experience of working with local, national and international car parking service providers helps create and manage a sustainable EV charging infrastructure. With our dynamic load management, car parks can control their charging costs while simultaneously offering high-quality service.


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Retail EV charging solution


EV charging is a fast growing business for shopping centres, fast food outlets, retailers, and other businesses with semi-public and private parking. Our solutions make it easy for retailers to offer either paid or free EV charging. Our cloud-based software with API and OCPP compliance enables easy integration with other back-end systems.

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Energy EV charging solutions


We believe in a sustainable future. With V2G/V2H functionality, our Smart Grid friendly and reliable chargers are a perfect fit for utilities looking to cut down on CO2 emissions and operational costs. We’ll help you choose the right components for your solution with everything from pre-commissioning to installations and full service packages.

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Workplace EV charging solution


Charging EVs will help your workplace reach sustainability goals and increase its staff satisfaction. With high quality EV chargers and intelligent solutions that give you everything from effective charging to easy reporting and secure data management, our products and services are designed to give your workplace the smart charging it deserves.

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Hotel EV charging solutions


Electric vehicles are a big opportunity for hotels and hospitality businesses to create a better customer experience. Our smart products and services are ready to integrate with other back-end systems – helping hoteliers build an effective loyalty program with EV charging while providing customers with a charging haven on their next hotel visit.

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