We are the leading partner in EV charging for cities


Chago is a respected supplier for cities and towns across Europe with major infrastructure installations in Oslo, Helsinki, Vilnius, Zurich, Moscow, London (East Village) etc. Our projects include solutions for public charging, municipal car parks, city car clubs, city outsourcer fleets and taxi fleets.

We work with EV charging network operators and energy companies on larger projects. Understanding the transportation and car parking planning challenges faced by city planners is instrumental to us.


Design for your urban environment

Two major concerns for many cities are aesthetics and all-weather durability. Chago is Red Dot Design Award winner with attractive designs, such as Chago Station and Chago Media – that features a large video screen for advertising. Chago hardware is designed and tested in Finland with a wide operating temperature range and the industry’s best reputation for reliability.

Focus on OPEX

Research shows over 80% of the cost of EV charging stations is OPEX. Everything we do is designed to minimize OPEX. Modular hardware, maximum uptime, lower electricity costs, future-ready technology and low effort management… the Chago total package is unique.

Meet sustainability targets

You need to prove you are meeting emerging government regulations. Chago’s cloud-based software offers environmental reports and analytics. We help you prove you are lowering emissions.

Support local businesses and increase revenue

EV charging can support urban renewal and boost city centre economies. Chago smart EV charging for cities includes integrations with public and private systems, like retailer mobile apps. We help you select the right pricing, access, and authentication solution.

Governments support for EV charging for cities

The UK OLEV has pledged £1bn that includes specific funds for EV charging stations in towns and cities. Other countries have various incentives and grants available. Chago has wide experience across Europe. For example, we are a preferred supplier in France’s nationwide Advenir program.


All our EV charging solutions for cities are fully customized with the option of full end-to-end management. Contact our experts today for a free consultation…