Future-proof your business with smart fleet EV charging solutions


Electric vehicle numbers are growing rapidly: there are over 10 times more EVs now than 4 years ago.

Chago’s affordable and eco-friendly e-mobility solutions are ideal for any fleet operator. We offer a combination of reliable, modular hardware with advanced connectivity options and intelligent, cloud-based management software. Chago makes fleet EV charging solutions that are both cost-effective and future-proof.


Fleet EV charging reduces OPEX

Meet demand from your drivers

  • Lower per km costs lead to happier staff and managers.

EV charging is tax-friendly

  • Tax credits are available for EV driving employees in many EU markets.

EV charging is a proven way to cut down on CO2 emissions

  • Chago’s EV charging stations are all designed to deliver high power charging with low energy costs.

Share your green vision

  • Boost your organisation’s profile by promoting environmentally friendly values.


Our fleet EV charging solutions

Chago helps you choose the right components for your fleet EV charging solution. We offer everything from factory pre-commissioning and installation through to complete Charging-as-a-Service packages. Remote and local technical support along with remote software updates all help ensure a long lifecycle with lower OPEX. We can help you plan your lifecycle costs and ROI. Get in touch for a free case evaluation…