Retail EV charging is a fast growing business area


With electric vehicle drivers looking for improved customer experiences, retail businesses featuring smart EV charging solutions have a great advantage in attracting an increasing number of customers.

EV charging is also an effective way to seriously cut down on CO2 emissions, instantly making your shopping centre, chain or shop more environmentally friendly.


Retail EV charging solutions will help you gain revenue

A better customer experience equals more purchases and increased customer loyalty. Chago’s EV charging stations will help your retail business get on the map, leading to more revenue.

Sustainability with lower CO2

With electric vehicles having 50% lower CO2 than petrol cars, Chago’s EV chargers will help you make your retail business take an environmentally friendly leap forward.

Lower your retail OPEX costs with smart EV charging

Our intelligent, cloud-based, dynamic load management enables more efficient energy use and considerable cost savings. Chago’s payment and authentication solutions make it easy for retailers to offer either paid or free EV charging.

It’s smart, it’s green, it’s great business. Get started now.

We work directly or as a partner supplier with retailers of all sizes. Read more about retail EV charging, the customer experience and sustainability >>