workplace ev charging

All the right tools for smart workplace EV charging


The market for electric vehicle charging is constantly growing. With EV drivers looking to extend their range confidence, the ability to charge at work is becoming an increasingly important consideration for any company seeking to boost its staff satisfaction. Offering EV charging at your offices or factory can also help you reach sustainability goals and promote green values.

But charging at work needs to be both smart and cost-effective. Fortunately, Chago’s services are built upon these very principles.

Our charging-at-work solutions include:


State-of-the-art design

  • Reliable and stylish design.
  • High power charging with low maintenance cost.
  • Mode 3 sockets to charge all major EVs.
  • Easy to install.

Advanced, cloud-based remote management

  • Monitor individual EV charging station and network status.
  • Remotely start, stop and reboot charging stations.
  • Locate nearby stations with Chago’s EV Cloud.

Access and authentication management

  • RFID-based authentication to identify individual user access.

Dynamic load management

  • Maximum load based on maximum available power.
  • Charge fast, with lower costs with Chago’s dynamic load management.

Mobile data services for smart EV charging

  • Smooth API integration with back-end systems enables easy mobile use.