Chago Media

The world’s first solution combining electric vehicle charging and outdoor advertising.

– Stunning digital display

– Smart connections

– Durable design

– Remote management

Seamlessly combining EV charging and advertising

Chago Media is an instantly profitable EV charging station that uniquely combines EV charging and outdoor advertisement with its stunning digital display.

Designed to fit urban areas, the stylish Chago Media is an ideal fit at boulevards, crowded city streets, shopping malls, parking spaces and all popular public places.

  • Remotely managed digital outdoor screen
  • Low maintenance cost AC charging station
  • Can be connected to back-end systems
  • Extremely durable structure for demanding environmental conditions
  • High power charging stations (max. 22kW, 180 km/h)
  • Mode 3 sockets to charge all major EVs
  • Charging status indicators (Green, Red, Blue)

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Product Highlights:

Superior end user experience

  • Simple to use charging. No buttons or displays
  • Mode 3 release lock to release the charging cable in the possible event of electricity cut
  • Multiple identification options include RFID, mobile App, NFC, SMS or “plug-and-charge” without identification


  • Dynamic load management functionality enables high charging powers with lower power connections, and saves operational cost
  • Integrated distribution cabinet for grid connection and smart meter
  • Ability to integrate with buildings’ management system
  • Bidirectional charging to utilize EV’s battery in V2G and V2H
  • Advanced EV to charger communication with IEC15118
  • RCD, MCD, surge, MID meter can be inserted into the charger to have full control of the service and maximal safety


  • Single and dual charging models
  • Slim modular design for demanding urban environments Optional domestic sockets

Robust structure

  • Acid proof steel, AISI 316, structure
  • 55″ LCD display with vandal proof class
  • Optionally with anti-graffiti coating
  • Suitable for cold, hot, moisture and erosive conditions
  • High structural durability: IP54 and IK10

Remote operation

  • Separate 3G/ Ethernet connection to manage media
  • EV charging connection with 3G, 2G, Ethernet or WiFi to IT systems
  • OCPP connection to a back end system

Service process with optional service

  • Select the charger that delivers required end user services and fulfills your technical requirements
  • Ensure with factory pre-commissioning that installation is effortless on site
  • Use Chago mobile multi-network data service to ensure high availability data connection and easy installation
  • Select spare part kits to ensure fast replacement of critical components in possible component breakdown
  • Guarantee high uptime, low operational cost and smooth end user service with EV Charging network management service
  • Should you want to connect EV chargers to other IT systems, this can be easy done with our Rest API
  • Start offering easy EV charging to your customers
  • Should you want to connect your equipment to a roaming provider or offer commercial EV charging, Chago will help you to fully integrate the service.