Chago Wallbox

Smart, cost-effective EV charging with advanced connectivity.

– For private, public, or semi-public charging.

– Cost efficient single/dual EV charger

Chago Wallbox

Chago Wallbox is the easy-to-use, long lifetime AC charger for public, semi-public and private EV charging. Ideal for installations where an EV charger is connected to a distribution panel, the Wallbox is perfect for large installations in car parks, offices, and real estates – offering the best charging experience with smart services.

  • Low maintenance cost AC charging station
  • Ambient light to provide visibility and security when approaching the EV charger
  • Can be connected to back-end systems
  • High power charging stations (max. 22kW, 180 km/h)
  • Mode 3 sockets to charge all major EVs
  • Charging status indication (Green, Red, Blue)
  • Simple to install with factory pre-commissioning service: no specific installation training is required

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Superior end user experience

  • Simple to use charging. No buttons or displays
  • Mode 3 release lock to release the charging cable in the possible event of electricity cut
  • Multiple identification options include RFID, mobile App, NFC, SMS or “plug-and-charge” without identification


  • Dynamic load management functionality enables high charging powers with lower power connections, and saves operational cost
  • Ability to integrate with buildings’ management system
  • Bidirectional charging to utilize EV’s battery in V2G and V2H
  • Advanced EV to charger communication with IEC15118
  • RCD, MCD, surge and MID meter can be inserted into additional cabinet to have full control of the service and maximal safety


  • Single and dual charging models
  • Ground and wall mounting can be done with accessories
  • Several standard models and models according to customer specification
  • Optional domestic sockets

Robust structure

  • Steel frame and treated plastic cover for maximal environmental durability
  • Suitable for cold, hot, moisture and erosive conditions
  • High structural durability: IP54 and IK10

Remote operation

  • Connection with 3G, 2G, Ethernet or WiFi to IT systems
  • OCPP connection to a back end system

Service process with optional service

  • Select the charger that delivers required end user services and fulfills your technical requirements
  • Ensure with factory pre commissioning that installation is effortless on site
  • Use Chago mobile multi-network data service to ensure high availability data connection and easy installation
  • Select spare part kits to ensure fast replacement of critical components in possible component breakdown
  • Guarantee high uptime, low operational cost and smooth end user service with EV Charging network management service
  • Should you want to connect EV chargers to other IT systems, this can be easy done with our Rest API
  • Start offering easy EV charging to your customers
  • Should you want to connect your equipment to a roaming provider or offer commercial EV charging, Chago will help you to fully integrate the service.
Chago Wallbox EV charging point specifications